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Spring Cleaning and Organizing Tips!

It is hard to believe that spring is upon us and that summer is right around the corner! This is a great time to plan and implement some spring cleaning and organizing! Although we long to be outside and basking in the sunshine, you will later thank yourself if you make sure that your home is in order and then you can sit back, relax and enjoy the warmer weather. This can be a daunting and overwhelming task for some. But, having a good plan will help to be successful and will leave you with clean and fresh spaces. Below are some tips to help guide you along in this process.

First, prioritize your areas to clean and organize. This can be done many ways. If you are getting ready to do some spring entertaining for a graduation party or other event. Then you want to make sure that your entertaining areas are de-cluttered, organized and clean. If you are simply just needing to tidy up all of your spaces, then you can pick the area that needs it the most and begin there. Or, for some it may be easier to pick an area that is smaller like a bathroom or a closet and then move onto the larger areas. It really depends on what your needs and your goals are on where you start.

Once you have decided where to start, you will first want to start the de-cluttering process by sorting your items. Have bags or boxes on hand for the items to be sorted into. The most common way to break down your sortation is to decide what goes to the trash, what is to be donated, what is going to be sold, if you plan on selling any of your items and what is being kept.

When sorting the items you will want to keep a few things in mind. Here are a few examples:

  • Does this item still serve a purpose? In other words, do I still have a use for it?

  • If I keep it, will I use it?

  • When was the last time that I or anyone else used it?

  • Do I have room or the proper storage for it?

  • Does it still fit? Or is it still in style?

  • How do I feel about this item?

After the sortation, then you can focus on doing a good deep cleaning of the space and organizing the items that you have chosen to keep.

While organizing, keep your most frequently used items the most accessible. For instance, if you are working in a linen closet. You may want to keep your daily towels and other daily items that are used regularly at eye level or arms reach. But, items like blankets that may only be used seasonally can go more to the top of the closet.

Just remember so set a realistic plan and to stay focused on it! By doing so, you will free your spaces and mind of the clutter and be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your spaces! Happy Spring and stay tuned for more organizing and design tips!

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