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Spring Time Decluttering and Cleaning Ideas!

Who is ready for Spring? The snow is melting and the weather is warmer! It is my favorite time of year to declutter, clean and get more organized after a cold winter spent indoors. As excited as I am to get outside and enjoy the nicer weather, I always feel better when I make sure that the inside of my house is in order. I usually do so by tackling a few areas in my home a little bit at a time or by planning a weekend that is full of cleaning and organizing. It is on those weekends that I try and enlist my hubby and our daughters to join in. I will be honest... It is not at the top of my two daughters list to clean and organize. But, I take what help I can get, when I can get it:) You can approach your Spring cleaning however it works best for you and your family! Below are just a few ideas of places that you can begin your decluttering, cleaning and organizing projects. Simply pick a spot and begin! Happy Spring!

Spring Time Decluttering and Cleaning Ideas


  • Areas on top of dressers and nightstands

  • Clean out drawers and closets. Only keep what still fits and is being used. Donate, sell, repurpose or toss out anything that no longer fits or is being worn.

  • Vacuum under bed

  • Flip your mattress

  • Dry clean bedding

  • Dust and wipe down all surfaces including mirrors and artwork


  • Clean out all cabinets (Get rid of anything expired or no longer used)

  • Clean out and re-organize linen closets (Get rid of any unused or old linens)

  • Wash all bathroom rugs

  • Give entire bathroom a good deep cleaning


  • Sort through utensils and dishes (Get rid of any that are broken or unused)

  • Clean and re-organize your pantry and/or cupboards (Get rid of any unused or expired food)

  • Empty your refrigerator and freezer and wipe down the inside. Only put back what is still fresh and will be used. (Get rid of all expired or unused food)

  • Declutter and clean countertops

  • Declutter your junk drawer (We all have one!)

  • Sort through kitchen linens

  • Wipe down the tops, interiors and exteriors of all cabinets

  • Give kitchen a good deep cleaning. Pull out and clean behind appliances.

Living Room

  • Clean and declutter all surfaces

  • Clean out and re-organize media cabinets (Get rid of any unused media)

  • Vacuum under all furniture and cushions

  • Give entire room a good deep cleaning

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